A Letter from ICLEI World Congress 2018 | Montreal Canada





From ICLEI World Congress to Adaptation Futures 2018

On Tuesday, 19 June, Montreal has welcomed over 1000 delegates committed to sustainability, participants are discussing transformative actions, approaches, and the necessary strong commitments needed to achieve a sustainable urban world.

As a compass to manage our rapidly changing urban and global environment and to transform our cities and regions that surround them, ICLEI envisions to drive action through five critical and strategic pathways, which are closely interlinked. Our Resilient Development pathway sets the path for cities, towns, and regions to anticipate, prevent, absorb and recover from shocks and stresses, including climate change related impacts, and to improve essential basic response structures and functions. Climate change adaptation is at the heart of our efforts to build a resilient and sustainable urban future for all!

We are delighted to connect with the 5th biennial Adaptation Futures conference participants in Cape Town and applaud their action-oriented vision. We hope Adaptation Futures has yielded productive discussions and fruitful partnerships and look forward to connecting our efforts post-conference and to working closely to achieve our common goals.



A Letter from Adaptation Futures 2018 to ICLEI World Congress

Cape Town has hosted 1300 delegates from all corners of the globe at the fifth biennial Adaptation Futures conference this week. The Conference has brought together actors from diverse backgrounds to apply our minds to accelerating action on climate change adaptation.

A key message from Adaptation Futures 2018 is “now is the time for action”. So we support an adaptation approach that is action-orientated, people centred and promotes collaboration and partnerships.

In the spirit of collaboration, Adaptation Futures 2018 greets partners, colleagues, and fellow researchers and innovators at the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal. We know that climate change adaptation is an important theme at your conference, and we look forward to post-conference collaboration on new climate change adaptation imperatives which have surely emerged from your deliberations in Canada.