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  • DEA workshop on Monday – open to all
  • Cheese & wine reception

South African Department of Environmental Affairs workshop

Monday 18 June @ 14h00

Session title: Advancing and strengthening the linkages between climate change policy and research to support implementation and inform future adaptation research.

Please see Monday programme and website for more details about AF18:

Open to all delegates


Cheese & Wine Reception

Tuesday 19 June @ 18h30

Adaptation Futures is coming to Cape Town this June

And we’re so looking forward to seeing you all soon

As a way to welcome you to this beautiful place

We invite you to share a drink and meet us face-to-face

We’ll be hosting a cheese and wine event on Tuesday

Where we can chat, mingle and dance the night away

This will be your chance to get in the adaptation groove

To practice your networking as well as your moves

Although the cheese and wine event will be a classy affair

It is also a chance to let down your hair

And boogie to the sounds of your favourite songs

While you navigate your way through the participant throng

So please do join us on Tuesday the nineteenth

For a fun-filled evening that will break with routine

Bring your A-game, your two-step and your best smile

Let’s make some connections and raise the adaptation vibe!


Open to all delegates