Response to the concerns about the Cape Town drought:

Many will have seen reports of the Cape Town water shortage in the media. After broad consultation with many stakeholders, we can confirm that the conference will be able to proceed as planned – albeit with the city under severe water use restrictions, which conference attendees will be expected to follow.
The Cape Town Central Business District – where the conference centre and many hotels are located – will have an ongoing supply of water to support business and, importantly, job sustainability. This water will come from, amongst other sources, a dedicated desalination unit near the harbour.
A number of interventions are being made to reduce usage and to augment supply to ensure the system is not depleted before the winter rains begin, usually in April. The so-called Day Zero is now regarded as unlikely to occur before July and in all likelihood, we would have had some winter rain before then.

The City of Cape Town will be hosting two sessions on urban water scarcity and delegates will be invited to contribute to our understanding of potential adaptation solutions.

We welcome your attendance at the conference!